Jun 14, 2019 | Gilbert's Journal

My return to Nairobi, a year later, has truly turned out to be a time of face-to-face reconnection with
the disciples in Kenya. God blessed the fellowship on my arrival yesterday with leaders from all over East
Africa as they concluded their conference, followed by more fellowship with Michael Burns from the US
and two of the four brothers who will be appointed teachers this coming Sunday.

It was very convicting to see disciples who had travelled for 12-14 hours from Uganda and other parts of
East Africa to take part in this week’s Ministry Training Academy, many of whom are not in the paid
fulltime ministry – hearts that genuinely want to grow in the Lord and serve in His Kingdom willingly.

Michael Burns makes the pervasive nature of culture incredibly compelling – amazing to be reminded
that Paul’s writings contains 637 words alluding to culture in different ways. It’s also been a time of
reconnection as I understudy him to go teach the same course in Abidjan, next week.

I am also building new friendships – sharing a flat with the brother who currently leads the Church in
Ethiopia, time with another who had led that Church in the past, renewing friendships with brothers I
met about 17 years ago etc.

Sunday’s service will be the height of reconnection as East Africa prepares to appoint their first elders
and teachers! What a gathering of the nations!

Revelation 5:9-10


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