Johannesburg & Pretoria: A Heavenly Week

May 27, 2024 | Gilbert's Journal

Johannesburg & Pretoria: A Heavenly Week

The past week spent in Johannesburg and its environs can only be described as a taste of heaven on earth. After an incredible week in Maputo, I headed to Johannesburg to participate in the Africa “Build Together” Conference.

Representatives from all five families of churches across Africa attended, along with many disciples from neighbouring countries like Mozambique and Zimbabwe. For me, it was a wonderful retreat filled with God’s presence in nature, worship, fellowship, and the Word of God.

Speakers inspired us with lessons on our partnership in the Gospel and how to address challenging issues such as homosexuality from a Christian perspective. The singing was uplifting, and the leadership conference venue, set amidst the beauty of God’s creation, brought our hearts closer to Him. Additionally, Friday evening was spent in great fellowship with disciples based in South Africa, originally from Central Africa.

The Saturday All-Africa Conference brought together over 700 disciples from across the continent. We united in profound worship and received deep and inspiring lessons from God’s Word. On Sunday, those of us visiting spoke at different worship venues across Johannesburg, Soweto, and Pretoria.

I had the privilege of interpreting for Moses Kalala as he preached on “The Power of Our Testimony as Christians” in Pretoria. Herve Fleurant from San Antonio delivered a profound lesson on the fruit of the Spirit as the driving force behind our Christian lives and our effectiveness as missionaries. The Pretoria church honoured us and showed great hospitality.

My heart is filled with gratitude after meaningful deliberations on the need for collaboration between the different roles and gifts in the church as we build God’s family among the nations. Three of us (teachers) spoke and facilitated one of these much-needed conversations.

Now, I look forward to spending quality time with my family and the local congregation in Lagos before the next planned trip in July, which I prayerfully hope to undertake with my family.

Thank you for your prayers, and may God’s name be praised!








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