All Things to All People and The Power of Culture

Mar 31, 2021 | Gilbert's Journal

  • The Need for Cultural Humility

There are many character traits and skills needed to operate as a missionary across national, international and intercontinental boundaries.

One of these key skills is the ability to become all things to all men. In a recent question and answer session with students of the global school of missions, I was asked to share about what had helped me to thrive in at least three cultures – Europe, French Africa and English-speaking West Africa.

When I met with Michael Burns in 2017 on a teaching trip to Cameroon, little did I realize that we were going to become kindred spirits, especially, in the realm of culture.

We’ve since spoken in other countries including Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya and the US on the topic.

It was truly a joy and honor to be invited to teach at the School of Missions in Minneapolis in 2019 and to also get to share a lesson together at the Midwest Teachers’ Workshop.

Enjoy the lesson we did on the need to become all things to all people.


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