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On Day 7 of our Bible Study Tour we first visited one of the best Museums in the world – the Israel Museum in Jerusalem! We then proceeded to Caiaphas’ House, followed by another visit of the old city through Zion Gate, then the church of the Holy Sepulchre and came out through the Jafa Gate.

The Israel Museum

At the Israel Museum, we first visited a huge model of the ancient City of Jerusalem. This gave us a bird’s eye view or summary of what we had experienced thus far. Our competent Israeli Guide treated us to several views of the ancient city – the Mount of Olives, the South-western and the North-western views of the city.
I feel a deeper connection with the major parts of the city because of the experience of having visited many sites combined with this opportunity to put it all into perspective.

The Dead Sea Scrolls

The key feature of the Israel Museum is the display of some of the original copies of the Dead Sea Scrolls and a walk through how they were discovered in Qumran, some 40km away from the city of Jerusalem, near the Dead Sea.
The section that walks visitors through this very important discovery is called the shrine of the book. This visit reveals the painstaking process of preserving such old manuscripts and how it confirms the trustworthiness of biblical Scriptures.
I was also fascinated by the Essene Community and the role they played in preserving Scriptures. The Museum resources reveal their lifestyle and belief system in great detail.
The rest of our visit felt like a profound journey back into ancient biblical history – through Old Testament History into the Gospels and the rest of the New Testament times.
I will especially cherish seeing two original inscriptions proving that Pontus Pilate and King David were historical figures. We saw replicas of these two inscriptions on Day 1 in Caesarea Maritima and Day 2 in Tel Dan respectively.
The next time I am privileged to visit Israel, I will probably dedicate an entire day or even two, in order to drink deeply from the amazing resources of the Israel Museum – my soul was deeply fed during the short visit.

Caiaphas House
Our visit to the site believed to have been the house of Caiaphas was a beautiful devotional time. We sang, read Scripture and prayed in the dungeon where Jesus would have spent the night, facing trial. (Devotional with Scripture Reading – Matthew 26:57-67).
Some scholars are advocating that there is another place, within the Old City Walls, overlooking the Temple, which would better qualify as Caiaphas House.

The Holy Church of the Sepulchre

Our bus then drove us to the Old City and this time we went through the Zion Gate. On our way to the church of the Holy Sepulchre, we visited the Tomb of King David (with the alleged Upper room for the Last Supper), and also had a light lunch meal.
The church of the Holy Sepulchre is believed to be the original site of Jesus’ crucifixion, burial and resurrection.
The church building is shared by six faith communities and it reminded us of our visit to the church of Nativity.

After an hour of free time, we returned to our hotel through the Jaffa Gate.
Some of our tour participants will continue with DAY 8 and DAY 9 but for the majority, our dinner time was a time to say Good-Byes after sharing one of the most amazing experiences as a family of people from so many nations!

Praying for the next Bible Study Experience prayerfully in 2024 or 2025!!!
God has protected us through the entire journey in the midst of protests and a rather tense geo-political atmosphere.
Thanks for your prayers throughout this holy adventure!


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