Jun 30, 2023 | English

When I shared the Lord’s Supper message this past Sunday in Lagos, I gave an illustration of the power of Remembrance using a Russian example. (Link to Sunday’s message) Little did I know that I was going to encounter something similar in Berlin just a few days later.

Reflections on the past 31 years of my life have swelled into deep feelings of gratitude, having survived cancer and now living for God. This trip is totally inspired by God through the generous invitation of the Berlin Church. Munich and Paris then decided to also join Berlin in sharing the costs by also extending an invitation to me

During the restful flight, my thoughts took me on a mental tour or revisit of some my favourite prayer spots through the past 3 decades of walking consciously with God


  • Berlin 1992: It started at the Klinikum Steglitz Hospital Garden where I cried out to God for help and He heard my cry for mercy (Psalm 120:1)- I plan to visit that spot on Monday
  • Berlin 1993-1994: Tiergarten (Animal Garden)- close to my second student hostel. As a young Christian, I sought to imitate Jesus-prayer life in Hebrews 5:7-10. During one of those heart-to-heart conversations in this beautiful public park, one of the neighbours overheard me and called the police. At some point, I saw the headlamps of a car approaching me in the heart of the park and I quickly came out of my “tent of meeting” in humble surrender. They probably thought this young African guy had lost his mind only to be told that I was praying – they clearly didn’t know what to make of it and allowed me to peacefully retire to my hostel.


  • Abidjan 1994-1995 – behind the “Palais de Justice” in the CBD – Plateau. Another public garden where I went to early in the mornings to spend time in prayer and meditation, overlooking the Lake (la Lagune) in the heart of the city.
  • Abidjan 1995- inside the compound of “La Cathedral de Plateau”Abidjan 1996 – in the bush at Cafetier d’Angre, when I lived with the Krah family, serving the East Sector in Angre/Dokui.Abidjan 200-2003- the public garden of Quartier Saint Latin in Cocody and the lakeside behind Hotel IvoireAbidjan 2000-2003 – “Audessus du resto et le toit de Mermoz – On the Roof Top of the University Restaurant and the Mermoz Students Hostel in Cocody.Abidjan 2005-2006 – The Golf Course in Riviera (incredible memories of times in deep worship)
  • Limbe and Bamenda, Cameroon 2007-2009– Botanical Garden, on top of the Mankon hill and the Bojongo hill. A very good friend and brother (Raymond) and I are planning a pilgrimage to these sites to reminisce and thank God for almost countless answered prayers from these two iconic prayer sites
  • Winniba, Ghana 2008 – The Roof Top of the Sports School Students Hostel. This is where God finally answered my prayer within 24 hours after asking him in faith to help me find a godly wife – I met Perita the next day after that faith-filled prayer. I looked at the stars from the rooftop and told God that if He can sustain the stars in the sky, then finding a wife for my should be no Big Deal.


Thank you for your prayers as I begin teaching tomorrow – German. Then next will be in Paris, in French, this time.


Grusse aus Berlin!


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