Easter Trip to the Republic of Benin – April 2023

May 1, 2023 | Gilbert's Journal

Easter Trip to the Republic of Benin – April 2023


As I was launching my travelling teaching ministry exactly 5 years ago, the Republic of Benin was the first country I visited alongside its western neighbour, Togo. (Click Here To Read)

Later that year, God would bless us with our wonderful son, Josef and we found it appropriate to return as a family during Easter this year to take part in a weekend of fellowship, teaching, and fun activities with the brothers and sisters in the capital city (Cotonou) along with those from other parts of the country.

Revisiting the pictures of that trip clearly reveals their spiritual, social and numerical growth in the past five years – individually and as a corporate body. Their joy level and warmth radiate on their faces, in their singing, their welcome, and their agape meals.

One of the greatest noteworthy facts of the trip, beyond the great memories created as a family (physical and spiritual), is that the couple serving in the leadership role of the Cotonou Church are tentmakers.

Alex and his beautiful wife, Opportune were students about a decade ago and often visited Nigeria to attend the yearly International Campus Leadership Conference (ICLC), hosted by the Lagos campus ministry.

They later dated and got married with God’s blessings of a son and a daughter. They are both self-supporting entrepreneurs who serve the Church voluntarily. (See pictures of them and their kids below)

Their example is an upper call and sets a benchmark of sorts for the way I believe many churches will be planted and groomed across the African continent.

We are very proud and encouraged to see such faithful and devoted hearts serve God’s people in the fashion of couples like Priscila and Aquila in the first-century church.

I am personally encouraged to continue finding ways to equip such great hearts with the tools needed to serve God in this way – and that’s what my wife and I shared during the workshop with the marrieds – the biblical example of Priscilla and Aquila.

Emmanuel Emeh and his wife (Lagos) were there and our hearts swelled with joy as we could contemplate God’s work in raising a new crop of next-generation leaders – a class they taught during the parenting workshop.

Other speakers like Desire Kouassi (Abidjan), Dago Emmanuel (Abidjan), Jacob Akanbi (Lome), Raymond Samnick (Lome) were there to also equip the students, the teenagers, the professionals and singles for works of service. In fact, Emmanuel Dago, one of the speakers from the Abidjan Church is an International business employer and works closely with Alex the church leader in that sector.

To Him Alone Be The Glory!

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