Jan 31, 2024 | Gilbert's Journal

As I journeyed to the airport, bidding farewell to Harare, our conversations veered towards reflections on great figures of faith, among whom the late Nitchi Oghuagha held a prominent place.

Edwin, the leader of the Harare Church, shared a poignant detail – Nitchie harbored a dream to retire in Zimbabwe, captivated by the unparalleled beauty of the country and its people.

Having traversed two weeks across Harare in the north, Gweru, and Bulawayo in the Midlands, I find myself in full agreement.


My encounter with Zimbabwe has defied many of the preconceived notions I carried over the years, often shaped by media narratives. The country, as I experienced it, unfolds as a tapestry woven with the warmth of its people, the scenic beauty of the land, and above all, a profound spiritual connection experienced with the devoted children of God in this nation.

In bidding adieu to Zimbabwe, or as the French say, “Au Revoir,” I express this sentiment with a sense of certainty and hope.


While Nitchie’s dream found its own unique fulfillment, I hold trust in God’s plan, anticipating a quick return to Zim.


“Auf Wiedersehen” Zimbabwe, until we meet again by the grace of God.


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