Sep 11, 2023 | Gilbert's Journal

As I prepare to board for Lagos, my heart is filled with gratitude for an amazing week spent with brothers and sisters in the beautiful capital city of Angola – Luanda.
Whatever challenges I faced in trying to get a visa and to gain access into this country for the first time, was totally worth the effort.

The church is very welcoming and the people of the nation are easygoing. I would like to encourage brothers and sisters from around the globe to make Angola one of their holiday destinations. They will also be a great source of encouragement to the amazing saints in this beautiful country.

Spending an entire week in fellowship, in teaching sessions, in homes, and visiting parts of the city has not only endeared this church to my heart but has also deepened my walk as a disciple. (Collage)

I am leaving as a changed and a better follower of Christ. I have also learned dozens of new Portuguese words.

May God continue to strengthen and grow His church in Angola. Thanks for your prayers as I return to spend time with my family and get renewed before the next trip. This time to the US for the upcoming teacher’s conference in New Jersey and other important engagements.

Só a Deus seja dada a Glória!

Adeus Luanda, Angola


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