Good Bye Munich

Jul 19, 2023 | Gilbert's Journal

When I launched my travelling teaching ministry in 2018, the Munich Church was the first church to financially support my travels. That year, I visited and taught in 17 churches across 11 nations in our 5 families of churches across the African Continent.

The following year, the Berlin Church also decided to join Munich in supporting my work and they have continued to date, despite many challenges.

With heartfelt gratitude, I finally was given the in-person opportunity, to express my heartfelt gratitude and that of many dozens of churches across 20 African countries to the Munich Church. The beneficiary churches have received encouragement, much needed spiritual nourishment these past 5 years, through my teaching efforts and thanks to the support of these German Churches.

Every interaction in Munich, be it at a personal, small group level as well as through the Sunday corporate service was deeply and mutually enriching. God’s heart and His ways, were at the centre of many conversations as we shared our experiences through the past two to three decades of walking with Him.

What a blessing it was to once again reconnect with some of the brothers and sisters after decades of separation, some since the early 90s when I became Christian. Among them were Olu, Steve and Claudia Kraters, Karl..
Mirabelle (previously a part of the Munich and Berlin Churches) and her ten-year-old son even travelled from Switzerland to join us for the special weekend in Munich. This entire European trip has truly been a time of connection and re-connection.

Sunday’s lesson on our Partnership in Christ was very relevant as God continues to open our eyes to diverse collaborative projects within and beyond our local churches. It is evident that He has great things in store. That formed part of my conversation with Michael Klimke who generously took care of my last days with his very kind wife and son.

During my stay in Munich, I encountered Christians with amazing hearts, eager to make a difference for God during our short sojourn in this world. One of them is Benoit Dehais – a brother who has been wrestling with a challenging form of cancer. One of the most fulfilling times of my stay in Munich was clearly the time I spent with him in deep conversation and in faith-filled prayers.

It was also very special to interact with sisters from Ukraine, who rather than letting their pain to harden their hearts, are allowing life’s challenges to draw them closer to God, as is the case with Benoit. Interacting with these brothers and sisters has reminded me that life needs to be deeply appreciated on a daily basis. Things can change pretty quickly.

May God strengthen the faith and love of the Church in Munich as they continue to serve His people in multiple ways – both locally and internationally.
Servus Munchen!!! Thanks to the Berlin Church for the invitation and to the Paris and Munich Churches for joining forces to make this dream trip a reality!

Transiting in Paris on my way back to Lagos – can’t wait to be reunited to my family. Many thanks for all the prayers and support.


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