Oct 26, 2022 | Gilbert's Journal



My three week visit to the Gauteng, the Eastern and the Western Cape Provinces of this beautiful country are drawing to an end as I prepare to fly back home in a couple of hours. Need not mention that I have been counting down in anticipation of being reunited with my family.

If I were to summarize the time spent in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Mthatha, SOWETO, Pretoria and Cape Town, I would say it was truly Spirit led – this includes the lessons taught on the Holy Spirit, the Christ-centered Life, the Gathering of the nations, the Superiority of Jesus, the Seven Churches in Revelation and the Living Hope.

God’s Spirit also led many deep conversations held in homes, Restaurants, during prayer/leisure walks, drive times, airport layovers and on multiple flights. Some strangers wanted me to tell them what it would take for them to draw near to God through the Bible, many friendships were renewed and I did meet up with my physical brother who lost his south African wife during Covid.

In these three weeks, I have also felt a deep connection with the rich south African culture partly because of time spent with my amazing hosts – the Borthas, the Ombas, the Trollips, the Ogundipes, the Sefikes, the Van Dan Berg’s, the Freys, the Moors and the Kganyagos.

This past weekend in Cape Town was truly the icing on the cake – I found the short stay very refreshing, with an amazing Sunday worship experience combined with the amazing hospitality of the church in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

One of the many Take-Aways for me is to continue focusing on knowing and presenting “Who Jesus is” as well as “who we are” in the context of “Who God is”. This is the work of His Spirit as I allow Him to work in and through me.

This trip has been one Big answered prayer and sincere thanks to all those who have been a part of my Journey!

Looking forward to some down time with family, local and online engagements while taking an 8-week course and preparing my last trip for the year. The trip to Angola has been rescheduled to March 2023!

To God Alone Be the Glory!


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