Jul 31, 2023 | Gilbert's Journal

We arrived in Abidjan as a family last Wednesday to take part in a wedding of two next-generation friends in the Abidjan Church. Both of them grew up in the church- Michael is as old as my spiritual age and Jennifer was born about three years after I arrived in Abidjan to serve in the Missions field in French Speaking Africa.

God blessed the court wedding on Thursday and I was privileged to officiate during the religious ceremony on Friday in a beautiful garden, in Bingerville, a colonial hillside town outside of Abidjan.

The newlyweds (Mr and Mrs Igbojesi) represent a young generation of professionals who are already modelling Christian values in the marketplace and among their peers. Michael was part of my first International Trip in 2018 when I officially launched a Travelling teaching ministry – he and two other next-generation servants joined Emmanuel Emeh and my wife to encourage and equip the Church in Cotonou, Benin Republic.

We then continued to Lome, Togo and spent another week with the church there in great fellowship, teaching and celebration. That trip was an eye-opener for all of us in the ways we can use what we have been given to serve God and His people. My language skills were utilized to bless many lives.

In 2022, Michael Igbojesi travelled from Abidjan to support my efforts by using his technical savvy to help broadcast teaching workshops from Lome, in Togo, via multiple social media platforms – with Guest Speakers from Europe and Canada.

Jennifer also joined me that same year during a Ministry Training workshop in sharing some practical lessons to help start a Young Professionals Ministry in our churches across Cote d’Ivoire. They have made their parents very proud and will continue to blossom for God as we accompany them with our prayers and godly counsel. May God bless their union and use them to inspire an entire generation!!!

It’s been great family time for us as we spend time with each other and other great family friends. Our son has been enjoying special moments with one of his favourite uncles (Mr Emmanuel Emeh) with whom we have been sharing a flat together. Emmanuel Emeh also came from Lagos for the wedding and our time together has simply been refreshing, memorable and insightful.

God is also using this trip to give me opportunities to share at a midweek, on two Sundays and with the staff of the Abidjan Church. Yesterday’s lesson on the Seasons of Life resonated deeply with the North Region of the Abidjan Church – Abobo. It’s becoming quite alarming to see many people who are stuck in a particular stage or season of their life. We took advantage to also visit and present our personal condolences to the Ake family who lost their father and husband over the Easter Period earlier this year.

My family will return to Lagos later tonight. Thanks for your prayers as I stay on and prepare to leave for Kinshasa next Sunday, to teach at the Central Africa School of Missions and at the Conference for Disciples in Central Africa.


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