Jan 26, 2024 | Gilbert's Journal

Following a profoundly memorable weekend with the brothers and sisters in Harare, I continued my journey to Gweru, nestled in the beautiful Midland Region of Zimbabwe. The bus ride was delightful, navigating through a smoothly paved road network with picturesque landscapes unfolding along the way.

Upon arrival, I was warmly welcomed by a dear friend and leader of the small church family in this tranquil town. The remainder of the day was spent immersed in the company of the church family. In the evening, I had the privilege of teaching a class on Spiritual Formation — a process where God shapes the image of Christ within us, guided by the Holy Spirit.

The genuine hunger for spiritual growth among Jesus’ Apprentices in Gweru prompted them to request a second evening of teaching, focusing on Spiritual Formation Part 2. This experience has reinforced why I am particularly committed to smaller churches — they often lack the complacency and self-sufficiency that can sometimes characterize larger congregations.

As I prepare for the next leg of my journey to Bulawayo, the final destination on this inaugural trip to Zimbabwe, my heart is brimming with joy. The warmth of the Gweru family, their hospitality, and the simplicity of their hearts have left an indelible mark.

To God alone be the glory!


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