Jan 30, 2024 | Gilbert's Journal

I have just concluded the final leg of my teaching trip to Zimbabwe in the enchanting city of kings and queens – Bulawayo. The weekend spent with the church family there was nothing short of a Jesus/Spirit-filled experience.

Our journey to Bulawayo from Gweru on Friday was both scenic and educational, providing a road trip filled with discovery. Thabani, not only an excellent driver but also a knowledgeable tour guide, shared the rich history of the land with us.

The once agricultural landscape that characterized the drive from Harare to Gweru transformed into vast expanses of grazing land for cattle. I feel like I’ve consumed enough meat on this trip to last me the entire year; such is the abundance of this rich land.

David and Barbara Gondogwe, the leading couple in Bulawayo, welcomed us warmly with a lunch meal prepared by their talented and wonderful daughter, Melissa.

The family that hosted us treated us with a five-star hotel level of care, showering us with love and attention. Our teaching weekend kicked off the same day and extended through Sunday as we delved into the role of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit realm.

The humility exhibited by Jesus’ Apprentices, starting with the leading couples in the Church, left a profound impression on us.

May God continue to grow His Church in Bulawayo as they focus on becoming more and more like Jesus through the guidance of God’s Spirit.

Thank you for your prayers as I make my way back to Harare and prepare to fly home on Tuesday night, with a brief visit or layover in Kigali.

To God, be all the glory!


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