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  • By the “character” of Jesus, I mean the sum of the qualities by which Jesus is distinguished from other men. His character is the sum total of his characteristics, his moral traits, the features of his mind and heart and soul.
  • A man is better able to appreciate the ideas of Jesus if he first all becomes acquainted with Jesus’ character.
  • To be a Christian is to admire Jesus so sincerely and so fervently that the whole life goes out to him in an aspiration to be like him.
  • Every body seems to know that He is the man who went about doing good.

“Come and see.” John 1:46

The world is crying out for something – it scarce knows what. Wealth has come, but the heart is hungry; knowledge has come, but life for many has slipped into a riddle and delusion. The world is filled with inventions of human skill and genius, but there’s a vast emptiness which neither science nor art is able to fill.


  • One of the characteristics of this century is discontentment – with ourselves and with the world.


  • When we open our New Testament, we find a man looking at us who, although not a professional revolutionist, has been the cause of many revolutions, and who, although not a disturber of the peace, has repeatedly turned the world upside down.
  • The writers of history have confessed that he overturned the Roman Empire and has given Europe and America a civilization unlike any which the world has ever known.
  • It may be that this man is the very man the modern world is looking for in its wild quest for a way of deliverance from its miseries and woes.
  • When we study his method, we discover that his supreme concern is for the rightness of the heart of the individual man. This molder of empires gives himself to the task of molding individual men.
  • It is by the changing of the character of a man that we can change the character of other men; and by changing the character of many men, we can change the character of institutions and ultimately of empires and civilizations.


  • Jesus will introduce golden ages by giving individuals a character like his own.
  • His character is a form of power mightier than the legions of Caesar or the wisdom of the greatest schools.
  • There is no more effective worker for the world’s redemption than the man or woman, who in high and obscure places, strives in season and out of season, to persuade men to conform their lives to the pattern presented in the character of Jesus.
  • The Bible is an invaluable book chiefly because it contains a portrait of Jesus. The New Testament is immeasurably superior to the Old because in the New Testament we have the face of Jesus.
  • The Holy of Holies of the New Testament is the Gospels because it is here we look directly into the eyes of Jesus. We often speak of the Gospel: What is it? JESUS


  • The New Testament was written by men who were determined that we should fix our eyes on the man. They wish us to catch the beat of his heart, the swing of his mind, the orbit of his ideas.
  • They want us to know how he looked at things, how he felt towards things, and how things affected him. In a word they want us to know his character. Let us accept their invitation and come and see.

Jesus, Once Again

  • The more we study him, the richer is our knowledge of the heart of God. He has declared the Father. The more fully we understand him, the deeper we see into the heart of Deity.
  • If we are to be changed from character to character by looking at his character, then every hour is blessed that we spend in making that character clear and beautiful to our heart.
  • The ripest and most experienced Christians are readiest to accept the invitation, “Come and see.”

Jesus, As for the First Time

  • Not until we know him as a comrade do we get from him what he has to give.
  • It may be that to some of us he has been petrified into a dogma. It is a great day for the soul when Jesus stands before it for the first time as a man.
  • For some, his face has been distorted partly by the misrepresentations of others and partly by our own idiosyncrasies.
  • It may be that during this study some of us shall see him for the first time as he is.

 Come in Prayer

  • The depth to which you see into a mind or heart depends upon what you bring with you to the contemplation of it. The masters of music and art and life reveal themselves only to those who, in some measure, share their spirit.
  • If you would study the character of Jesus with largest profit, you must respond to that which was dominant in his life. He was preeminently a man of prayer.
  • In studying a person, spiritual harmony is everything – understanding souls depends on insight and spiritual sympathy. For example, James lived under the same roof with Jesus but did not understand him. Paul lived far from him but understood him completely.

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  1. Seni Olorunfemi

    This is an excellent piece of work. Thanks for bringing us back to the heart of the gospel. I like the connection you made with transformation of nations, societies, individuals and families by changing one heart at a time through knowledge of Christ.

    Knowing Jesus by entering through the right door is so key and not through the door of rules and dogma.

    When we read the gospel in the New Testament we come in contact with Jesus face-to-face. Thanks for presenting Jesus in such an excellent manner.

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