Mar 19, 2022 | Gilbert's Journal


The second leg of our mission’s trip after Kinshasa has been profoundly fulfilling as we wrap up our 5-6 day stay in Abidjan. For me personally, each time I get to visit Abidjan turns out to be an emotional and faith-building experience given how much of my youthful energy was invested in serving 10 different communities or ministries across Abidjan for an entire decade.

Our team of three (Yannick Le Noan from the Paris Church, Chris Ogbonnaya and Gilbert Kimeng of Lagos) was treated to a very warm welcome on Wednesday as we reclined over a meal with the Leadership Group of the Abidjan Church. After grabbing some much needed rest, the first session on the School of Missions took place the next day in the afternoon. We were grateful for the time we were given to recover from the intense and rewarding Kinshasa trip.

Yannick, the executive director of Beam Missions Foundation, shared a compact and very inspiring history along with the global vision of the school while recounting what has happened so far across at least 14 Schools of Missions scattered across the world.

Abidjan and Kinshasa will add to that existing list and I took advantage to point out that East Africa (Nairobi, Kenya) also needs to be on the map for the upcoming or prospective schools. That’s definitely a prayer request and desire.

The Abidjan leadership group was also deeply appreciative of Chris as he shared about our experience so far in English Speaking West Africa through the Onyechi Oghuagha School of Missions– the first school in Africa that kicked off in 2016.

The last presentation on the Academic aspect of the school also made a difference as I shared not only from the English West African experience but also from other Schools including the European School of Missions and the Latin America School of Missions.

God has used this trip to deepen the existing partnership between English and French West African Churches and to create one between the Beam Missions Foundation and the prospective schools in these two Regions thanks to the humble-hearted leaders.

Before speaking to a total of 5 Regions in the Abidjan Church on Sunday, we were also treated to a visit of Bassam on Saturday, a nearby seaside, historic and touristic town.

Chris & Yannick were such a blessing to 4 of the Regions who gathered in Angre, the central Abidjan Church facility while I had the time of my life, visiting and speaking to the West Region (Yopougong). https://youtu.be/4u0MqFRBnR0

What a rewarding experience it was to see older members who have persevered for the past 20-30 years. Another group that encouraged my heart was the young professionals who used to be part of the campus ministry in the late 90s and early 2000s. Many of them are using their gifts to serve God and His Church.

As we return to our respective countries and families, we look forward to great partnerships and pray that God uses the seeds planted through this trip to grow the mission efforts in French Speaking Africa through academic, character and leadership development.

Thanks for your partnership in prayer!


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