Jul 26, 2022 | Gilbert's Journal



Apart from the opportunity to speak in Southern Connecticut and Brooklyn NY, the past two weeks in the US can be described as a great time of relationship building and strengthening.

Our hosts in Connecticut are great friends of ours and it is had to believe that we last saw each other about seven years ago when they were based in Germany, where we all got converted some 30 years ago. We have been enjoying great fellowship and having a restful time in their beautiful home and town – in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Two days after we arrived the US, we took a train to New York, to attend the wedding between a great brother from Lagos and his African American wife. The great occasion also gave us a chance to reconnect with other African disciples and friends who came from different parts of the US – what a great reunion it was!

On the Sunday I spoke in Connecticut, we met great heroes in the faith like Jim and Teresa Brown while making lots of new friends – especially during an open house invitation at the Swansons where many came to hang out after church.

The rest of our first week was spent in Maryland with my kid brother and his family, with secondary friends from 40 years ago and with amazing spiritual friends in the Baltimore area.

On our return from Maryland, we have been spending time with the Alawayes, the Swansons, Schachingers while making new friends in the Brooklyn church.

It really dawned on me yesterday that God has been blessing our trip with great interactions as we share our stories and connect at a very deep level. Only in Christ, can we build such profound bonds in spite of our cultural and diverse differences.

What a great build up towards the world discipleship summit as we prepare to fly to Orlando from JFK tomorrow!

Your prayers will be greatly appreciated – please pray that it will be a mutually beneficial gathering for every participant and for those who, like me, will be speaking at the conference!


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