Jul 1, 2022 | Gilbert's Journal

Six Adventurous Days in Libreville, Gabon.


Beyond the intense weekend of teaching and time spent with the warm brothers and sisters in Libreville (Gabon), one of the most appropriate descriptions of my first visit to this French-speaking region of Central Africa would simply be: adventurous!

Obtaining a visa for Gabon has proven to be quite a feat based on past experiences, especially in the case of missionaries. My status as a tentmaker turned out to be a blessing using a passport that bears my former professional status as a service manager. It even took the intervention of one of the church’s top leaders at the immigration, a medical director from a district (Ntoum) in the outskirts of Libreville, to get me into the country. Dr Gildas was baptised as a medical student in Bamako, Mali, and after completing his studies, he returned to his native country to work in the health sector.

After taking a day to recover from the week spent with the thriving church in Lomé, the weekend in Libreville was a mixture of time spent teaching professionals, married people, singles, Sunday service and visiting to encourage some disciples in their homes. They made every teaching session evangelistic and some good hearts, in search of God, joined us on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The impact of our late sister Odile Meviye, who was part of the mission team in Gabon, is still felt to this day – so many of her family members have been baptised and for those who had the privilege of knowing her, it is amazing to experience first hand the amazing impact she has left behind, in the sand of time.
Throughout my time in Libreville, I felt privileged to be a source of encouragement to the faith of this resourceful group of brothers and sisters. The last time they had such a visit was five years ago. Their perseverance in the face of many challenges has deeply refreshed my heart.

This is a church made up mainly of married couples and professionals – some of whom have lost their jobs and are in urgent need of a new source of income.

Their deep thirst for the Word of God and their desire to learn will remain with me for a long time. While I pray that God will bless them with staff leaders to help coordinate the work in Libreville, I believe they are an excellent example of a church that operates solely on volunteerism, out of gratitude for God’s grace in their lives.
Please pray that the brothers and sisters will continue to share their faith while using their gifts to build different ministries such as singles, teen and campus ministries.

In addition to the Gabonese food (very similar to Cameroonian food), I also enjoyed driving around Libreville with the help of two brothers – what an adventure!

I returned to Lagos to spend two weeks before a trip to the USA to attend and speak at the Global Discipleship Summit. Before the summit, I will be teaching in Connecticut and Brooklyn, New York. My wife (Perita) will be accompanying me this time and I am very happy about that!

Thank you for your prayerful support!


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