Jun 15, 2019 | Gilbert's Journal

Today’s Ministry Training Academy left me with many impressions and some real food for thought. The
group discussion questions and exercise after each section really helped bring a lot of deep and
unspoken issues to the fore.

While in places like the U.S. the concept of racism seems to be very prevalent, in most of Africa, it
manifests itself in the form of tribalism and prejudice, especially when left unchecked. The distinction between the two is that racism happens to be more of a system of power technically speaking. Both are basically highlight ways in which humans have transformed God’s beauty in diversity in to reasons for division among peoples.

The realization that the world’s divisions can easily make their way in to the Church family when left
unaddressed made me think of the need to probably address the topic at a deeper level as a form of sin
(actions) right from conversion.

Are there tribes or people groups towards whom we still are heavily prejudiced against? If yes, how are
we dealing with that? Are we suppressing the feelings or acknowledge and overcome them?
For example, are there tribes we would not want to get married to as singles or maybe do business
with? etc

Gal. 5:19; Eph. 2:14-16


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