May 21, 2024 | Gilbert's Journal

My first trip to Portuguese-speaking Mozambique left a lasting impression on me. The country’s vibrant culture, the capital city of Maputo, and the local church community were all remarkable.

Upon landing in Maputo, I was struck by the abundance of water surrounding the city—rivers, lakes, and the Indian Ocean to the east. Mozambique comprises 11 provinces, including the capital, Maputo City.

The local cuisine is both flavorful and natural, reflecting the country’s rich agricultural heritage. Like many African nations, Mozambique faces economic and socio-political challenges. As the country prepares for its next presidential election, set to be finalized by January next year, many citizens are hopeful and praying for better days ahead.

After navigating some initial challenges at immigration, I received a warm welcome from a group of brothers and a sister from the Maputo church. My first host provided valuable insights about the country, and later, we shared a meal with the church’s board of trustees—a resourceful and generous group of individuals.

The weekend was packed with a series of lessons tailored to different groups within the church: campus students, leaders, married couples, singles, teens, and the entire congregation. The interpreters were excellent, and I was pleased to see that my Portuguese has improved, thanks in part to last year’s teaching trip to Luanda, Angola.

The members were encouraged by the biblical teachings and personal experiences I shared. Sunday’s service was a vibrant time of worship, with a full house and many visitors who left eager to study the Scriptures further. The weekend equipped the disciples to deepen their walk with God through spiritual practices and the work of the Holy Spirit.

I cherished the time spent in homes and restaurants, sharing meals, driving around the city, going on prayer walks with brothers, and engaging with friends who joined the teaching sessions. The Maputo church is eager to expand into other parts of Mozambique while strengthening its home base. Let us keep them in our prayers (1 John 5:14-15).

Next stop: the Build Conference for Churches across Africa, held in Johannesburg.


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