You have been given a beautiful gift.  The gift to teach and to speak.  You gave us so much today.  It was so clear and so practical.  Your ability to speak and to put information together so well gives us all a wonderful treat and blessing.  Thank you so much.  Your story is amazing.  God did indeed save you twice.

Please send me your notes, if you don’t mind.  I will listen to your talk again and again.  I am so grateful that it was recorded .

I especially enjoyed the way you explained the two ways to learn obedience.  Makes sense but I had never  thought of it that way.

C. S. Lewis has been a favorite of mine since college days.  Thank you for his quote.

It was wonderful to see you again.  My love to your family.  Thank you for the lesson today and for sharing your conversion story with us.  Gilbert, I will pray for your ministry. It is such a needed one.

May God bless you, keep you and your family safe.  Much love in Christ,

Mama Joan