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The Strength of Jesus |episode 2

by Gilbert Kimeng | Jesus the Same

The Sincerity of Jesus |episode 3

by Gilbert Kimeng | Jesus the Same

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“And from then on no one dared ask him any more questions.”

Mark 12:34

By the poise of Jesus the author means the fine balance of his faculties, the equilibrium of his nature.

  • This equilibrium is due first of all to a certain balance of faculty. How rarely do we find well-balanced men! The average man is one-sided, unsymmetrical, unevenly developed. We are all over-developed on one side of our nature and underdeveloped on the other.
  • It seems to be near impossible to keep our faculties in even balance. If we are strong in certain characteristics, we are practically certain to be weak in the opposite characteristics.
  • Look around upon the men and women that you know, in how many of them can you say that their disposition is finely balanced?

Avoiding All Extremes

  • But when we come to Jesus, we find ourselves in the presence of a man without a flaw. He was enthusiastic, blazing with enthusiasm, but he never became fanatical.
  • He was emotional – men could feel the throbbing of his heart – but he never became hysterical.
  • He was imaginative, full of poetry and music, seeing pictures everywhere, the inspiration and the poet’s dream, but he never was flighty.
  • He was practical, but never dull. His life always had in it the glamour of romance. He was courageous but never reckless, prudent but never coward, unique but not eccentric, sympathetic but never sentimental.
  • Great streams of sympathy flowed from his tender heart toward those who needed sympathy, but at the same time at the same time streams of lava flowed from the same heart to scorch and overwhelm the workers of iniquity.
  • He was pious, but there is not a trace about him of sanctimoniousness.
  • He was religious, the most profoundly religious man that ever turned his face toward God, but never once did he slip into superstition.

And because he is so well rounded and on every side so complete, men have never known where to class him. Of what temperament was he? It is impossible to say. He had in him all the virtues, and not one of them was overgrown.

  • He exhibited all the graces, and every one of them was in perfect bloom. He stands in history as the one man beautiful, symmetrical, absolutely perfect.

Out of this balance of powers comes his unrivaled poise in conduct.

  • Men laid their traps and tried to catch him, but he walked bravely in the midst of them and never was entrapped. The intellectual athletes of his time tried to trip him, but they never did.
  • His enemies did their best to upset him, but they never could. The dug their pits, but he never tumbled into them. Wherever he went he was surrounded by enemies waiting to catch him in his talk, but they never caught him.
  • They asked him all sorts of questions, expecting that by his answers he would incriminate himself, but he never did.
  • This wonderful poise came out in the temple when he was only a boy of twelve. The old men in the midst of whom he sat were astounded at his answers.

At the beginning of his public career he heard the seductive voices sounding in his ears. Time and again the evil one came to him with a new allurement, but every time he hurled the tempter back by quoting just the passage of Scripture which that temptation needed.

  • Men tried to convict him of breaking the law in regard to the Sabbath day, but instantly he proved from Scripture and from reason that what he did was right.
  • Men interrupted him in the midst of his preaching, but he was never disconcerted. “Make my brother,” cried a man, “divide the inheritance with me.” And as quick as a flash the answer came: “Who made me a ruler over you? Let me tell you, and everybody else, to beware of covetousness.”
  • When Peter at Philippi began to protest against his going to Jerusalem where he would be killed, Jesus said, “Get behind me, Satan” (Matthew 16:23). He had heard that voice before. He recognized it even on the lips of his friend. It is one of the devil’s last resources to speak through the mouth of a friend, but such a trick cannot deceive Jesus.  

Silencing His Accusers – Mark 12:17

It also is noteworthy that not one of the enemies of Jesus was able, by unfairness or falsehood or hatred, to push Jesus into a hasty word or an unrighteous mood.

  • Most men are so poorly balanced that you can push them with very little pressure into sinful speech or an un-Christian disposition.
  • Jesus was so firmly poised that under the pressure of the most venomous insults that has ever been hurled against a man, he stood unmoved and unmovable. His poise was divine.

Timeless Attraction

Because he was well balanced and so finely poised, each succeeding generation comes back to him for inspiration.

Is it not remarkable that the men of the first century thought they saw in him the ideal figure of what a man should be?

  • Men of intellect look to him for guidance and instruction.
  • Men of emotion who desire to replenish the springs of feeling look to him for inspiration.
  • Men of high aspirations who desire to lift the soul sit humbly at his feet, confessing that he has the words of life.

And now that new and complicated problems have arisen in commercial/business, industrial life and social life, men are turning wistfully toward him, feeling that he has the key which will unlock all doors, that he knows the secret of a complete and perfect life.

There is a grace about him which does not fade; there is a sanity about him which compels respect; there is a charm about him which woos and wins the heart; and we, like preceding generations, fall down before him acknowledging that his character is without a flaw and that his life is without blemish.

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