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by Gilbert Kimeng | Jesus The Same

The Strength of Jesus |episode 2

by Gilbert Kimeng | Jesus the Same

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“Do not be like the hypocrites” – Matthew 6:5

  • Certain virtues are ornamental, whereas others are plainly fundamental.
  • Such a fundamental virtue is the virtue of sincerity. Truthfulness, honesty, plainness, frankness, simplicity, these and many others are only children of the Queen: sincerity.
  • It is the virtue which the human heart instinctively craves and looks for. It is a trait which a parent’s eyes seek for in his children. There is nothing which a parent desires so much in his children as the unaffected simplicity of a sincere heart. This is what we demand in all the higher relationships of life.

True Friendship in a Fallen World

  • Sincerity is the very blood and breath of friendship. “Pure gold he is,” we say with exultation, meaning that in our friend there is no alloy. His nature is unspoiled and unadulterated.
  • And yet how common insincerity is. What a miserable old humbug of a world we are living in, full of trickery and dishonesty and deceit of every kind.
  • Life would not be worth the living if there were no one on earth sincere.
  • It is to the honest heart that we return again and again, seeking rest and finding it.
  • If you would see sincerity in its loveliest form, then come to Jesus. Here is a man incapable of a lie. Nothing was so abhorrent to him as falsehood. No other people so stirred his wrath as men who pretended to be what they were not.
  • The most odious word upon his lips was the word “hypocrite.” Have you ever wondered why it is impossible to speak that word without it falling from the lips like a serpent? It is because his curse is resting on it. It was not a harsh word before he spoke it, but he breathed the hot breath of his scorn on it, and it has been ever since a word degraded and lost.
  • A hypocrite is an actor. It is a word taken originally from the stage. In the theater we expect men and women to be other than they seem to be.
  • It is expected that on the stage no one shall seem to be what he really is. But on the great stage of the world, God expects every man to be what he claims to be.
  • If we say things we do not believe, and profess things we do not feel, and lay claim to things we do not possess, we are tricksters and deceivers, causing mischief and confusion in the world.
  • It was the sincerity of Jesus which drove him into deadly conflict with the hypocrites. A hypocrite and Jesus cannot live together.

Nothing but the Truth (Mt 5:34,37).

  • It was his constant exhortation that men should speak the truth
  • The religious leaders of his day had divided oaths into two classes: one class binding, the other not.
  • It was the belief of Jesus that a man’s word ought to be as good as his oath, or as we say, “as good as his bond.”
  • In an ideal world all oaths are unnecessary and unthought of.
  • It was because of Jesus’ incorruptible sincerity that we have from his lips such a remarkable outpouring of plain words.
  • It was his work to help men see themselves as they were. He characterized them by words which accurately described their character.
  • We are shocked by such plainness of speech. We do not like it. Is it because we dare not express things as they are? Have gotten into the habit of hiding our eyes and trying to make black things seem gray or even white?

The Drawing Power of Truth

  • People have called Jesus a visionary, a fanatic, an enthusiast, and dreamer; but no man of sane mind or heart has ever ventured to assert that Jesus of Nazareth was an intentional deceiver.
  • Men have claimed that his apostles were rogues and falsifiers, that they deliberately misrepresented both his person and his teaching; but no one has dared to argue that Jesus himself was capable of a lie.
  • There is something so pure and frank and noble about him that to doubt his sincerity would be like doubting the brightness of the sun.
  • Jesus’ unquestioned loyalty to truth gives words a value which no other words possess. When we listen to the words of other men, we must make subtractions and allowances. No man puts his whole self into his speech. His words reveal him and they also conceal him. There is a discrepancy between the soul and what the mouth declares.
  • Not so with Jesus. He holds back nothing. What he thinks he says; what he feels he declares. He declares all things as they are. He is not swerved by sin within nor cowed by hostile forces from without. His character is revealed in his speech.
  • His words are simply the pulsations of his heart. They are unlike any other words ever spoken. They contain the full-statured spirit of a man. In these words this great soul comes out and stands before us, and in them we behold his glory.
  • A man like this can be a refuge in the time of storm. To him we can flee when sick at heart.
  • When we are weary and heavy laden, we can rest our souls upon one who is as certain as the morning and as faithful as the stars.
  • The world is filled with jangling voices, and it is hard to know which voice to trust; but his voice has in it something which inspires assurances and quenches uncertainty and doubt.
  • What he teaches about God we can receive. What he says of the soul we can believe. What he declares of sin and the penalty of sin we can accept. What he asserts concerning the principles of a victorious life we can act upon, never doubting.
  • When he tells us to do a thing, we can do it, assured that that is the best thing to do. When he warn us against a course of action we can shun it, knowing that in that direction lie night and death.
  • The path which he exhorts us all to take we can take with boldness, convinced that if we take it we shall arrive safe at home at last.

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