Jun 12, 2019 | Gilbert's Journal

It was a dream come true as I arrived Kampala at 2 am on Tuesday morning from Kigali to be welcomed
by three great brothers and went on to spend time with my wonderful hosts before meeting with the
singles later in the evening for a workshop based on the book of Hebrews.

One of the highlights of my day was the time spent visiting the Parliamentary building and the King’s
palace of one of Uganda’s strongest Kingdoms, the Buganda Kingdom.

The tour guides did a great job recounting the history of the Kingdom and how it relates to the political
life of the nation especially in relation with past leaders like Idi Amin, Obote etc. One of the most
sobering moments was when we visited Idi Amin’s torture chambers where it is believed that a total of
about 25000 people were tortured to death.

The visit left me with a deep realization that as disciples and missionaries, we must make efforts to
understand the culture of the people we are reaching out to share the Gospel in a way that they can
easily connect with based on their culture.

Christ and Culture needs to be made practical by including a study of the culture of the people we are
reaching out to.

1 Cor. 9:19-23


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