Feb 7, 2023 | Gilbert's Journal



After months of anticipation for the Nigerian delegation made up of three teachers and our wives, it seemed that our spiritual pilgrimage to the “Holy Land” had come up against an impenetrable obstacle when efforts to obtain visas from the Israeli consulate in Nigeria, in Ghana and the home office in Tel Aviv proved fruitless.

Miraculously however, through sheer persistence and faith we were granted a diplomatic service, courtesy of the Tour company – even with the Consulate closed off!

It was as if God himself had determined that nothing could hinder us on this journey; something which became evident once more only a day before departure for our Kenyan delegation who almost missed their flight due to cancellations at literally 24 hours’ notice.

Despite the odds being stacked against them, the Kenyan delegation of four teachers and their wives, was able to also make it thanks also to Dr Douglas Jacoby for arranging all necessary travel plans in order for this year’s Bible Study Tour ‘to the Holy Land’ be fulfilled against these insurmountable obstacles. A clear indication again of God’s intervention matched with our faith and desire!

We’re setting off on a spiritual, cultural and historical journey as we explore the captivating world of the Bible!

We intend to savour every immersive moment that transports us into biblical times in ways we never thought possible and share our learnings along the way.

Stay tuned on this extraordinary adventure to uncover the mysteries of the ancient bible world through the eyes of your brothers and sisters from across Africa Europe, UK, US – kindly share in our prayers as we embark on this bucket-list experience that promises to redefine and deepen our faith.


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