Trip to South Africa – March 2023

Apr 3, 2023 | Gilbert's Journal

Trip to South Africa – March 2023


Early last month a team comprised of an evangelist (Chris Ogbonnaya from Lagos), an elder (Yannick Le Noan, from Paris), and myself as a teacher travelled to Johannesburg in South Africa. The purpose of this visit differed from our previous trips to Kinshasa and Abidjan, where we helped establish new mission schools for training young African missionaries. The focus of this trip was to strengthen the existing school in South Africa.

The trip was not without a few obstacles, as I initially faced a visa refusal. Through an appeal, we were able to overcome the challenge and make the trip on March 3rd. Upon arriving in Johannesburg, we were warmly welcomed by the Northwest Region of the Johannesburg Church, where we joined in a church service filled with great celebration in song, the word of God, and great fellowship – this continued at the Rentons, the lead couple of the church in Southern Africa.

The efforts of the school director (Jacques Genis), the academic director (Raj Chandra), and Trainers across South Africa, Mozambique, and Angola were evident. We also took time to share some best practices from other schools, such as the West Africa and European Schools of Missions.

One of the highlights of our trip was the evening spent with the students themselves – the three of us shared lessons and had a great time of interactions, questions and responses etc. It reminded the three of us why we do what we do. Seeing the next generation take hold was profoundly uplifting!

Our working sessions started on Monday and ended on Wednesday, with my team members returning to Lagos and Paris, respectively. However, I remained in South Africa to participate in a teaching workshop and speak on Biblical Stewardship during the church service in Pretoria (See link below to the Lesson after a prayer and song).

The weekend in Pretoria was filled with great interactions and kingdom fellowship, providing yet another reminder of how blessed we are as an international family of churches. The time spent with the Pretoria Church was short but left a lasting impact on everyone involved.

God willing, I will be returning to the South later in the year as I transit to Angola and Zimbabwe! On Easter weekend, my family will be going on a road trip to strengthen the church in French-speaking Cotonou, the capital of the Benin Republic.

Happy Easter week and thanks for your prayers!


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