Jun 13, 2019 | Gilbert's Journal

After an intense first leg in “the country of thousand hills”, the second teaching stop in Kampala has
been deeply rewarding. Winston Churchill was right to call the city, “the Pearl of Africa” with its seven
hills. We were privileged to get a bird-s eye view of the beautiful city from a 272 step tower built by the late Ghadaffi
on the hill of Impallas – where Kampala derived its name.

After last night’s teaching from the book of Ephesians, emphasizing the need to BE before DOING, we
drank deep from the fellowship and ended up having an international evening as we gathered around a
south African brother’s birthday with disciples visiting from the UK, organized by amazing brothers and
sisters in Kampala.

The celebrant has been working in Kampala for just three months but he found the words to
describe the deep and natural love of the Ugandan Church and people. My wife and I fell in love with
the delegation of singles who came from Uganda last year to take part in the International East African
Singles Retreat. Their genuine love and zeal for God compelled our hearts to want to come visit. I was
even privileged to be hosted by the couple, in whose living room, the Church in Kampala started in
1997! Standing on history – their warm and generous hearts have been reproduced across the many
house churches in the city.

During my stay here, I also visited and stood on many historical sites.

As I prepare to board for Nairobi, Kenya, my heart is full of gratitude for their partnership in my ministry
and their genuine friendship.

Paul must have felt this way about the Philippian Church!

Yes – WEBALE NYO Kampala disciples! You are a bright light shining across Uganda and beyond!!!

Looking forward to the time in Nairobi.

May we blessed in our work with great and faithful partners in the Lord’s vineyard!

Phil 1:3-6


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