Wrapping our Visit to the Seven Churches. | October 2021

Jul 7, 2022 | Gilbert's Journal

Wrapping our Visit to the Seven Churches. | October 2021


On Day 5 of the recently concluded Bible Study Tour, we visited Pergamum in the North-Western part of Turkey. Built on an ancient city, the modern city of Bergama derives its name from the ancient city of Pergamum with the ancient Acropolis still towering over it. We needed a cable car to get to the top. This was the citadel of kings dating back to 300 BC.

The kings of Pergamum were descendants of the Macedonians – that’s where Alexander the Great was from. One of his generals established the kingdom of Pergamum but Rome later took over the kingdom (peacefully) due to infighting among Alexander’s successors. Pergamum was the Hellenistic capital of Asia. Satan was said to have his throne in Pergamum.

Some of the tour members visited a site that honours one of the two most renowned Physicians in the Ancient World (fathers of medicine) – Garland and the other was Hippocrates from which we derive the medical term: “hypocritical oath” – it says money should never be charged for somebody to be trained or become a doctor

The attached video and lesson sums up the insights gleaned in Pergamum and from all the other six letters and visits to the ancient sites


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