Jun 9, 2019 | Gilbert's Journal

I arrived yesterday in East Africa to start a round trip that will take me to 4 countries. In spite of some
initial health challenges, I did enjoy a very safe flight and was welcomed by a disciple in an underground
fellowship of our family of churches.

As I prepare to spend time with the disciples this morning, sharing from the book of Daniel about God
ruling the nations, I am really humbled by the faith of the disciples who serve God under such
challenging conditions.

It is humbling to realize that Christianity in the first century thrived under persecution but weakened
once the Roman Emperor Constantine legalized Christianity, making it a State Religion.

For me and most of those who can freely meet on Sundays like today, there’s a need to re0examine our
faith – Are we also as complacent as those in the 3 rd century Christianity who became more of “cultural
Christians by blending with society?

Thanks for your prayers for the disciples I these tough situations and for the rest of my trip.


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