May 28, 2019 | Gilbert's Journal

The past couple of weeks have been characterized by multiple situations that have forced me to seek
God’s face in prayer – from the cancellation of a trip I have been planning for almost a year, to the
intense requirements related for the concluding face of legalizing our son’s adoption, to the adjustments
that come with having moved houses, these and other situations have prompted the need for deeper
surrender in prayer.

One of those prayer sessions literally involved me wrestling to overcome feelings of frustration and
anger – I came to the realization that when Satan fails to entangle my heart with some of the obvious
sins, he comes after us with the subtle ones – anger and bitterness. I then found the motivation to
refuse that Satan gets a foothold on my heart and to ask God for the peace that surpasses challenging
circumstances and all understanding.

Amazingly, after finding resolution and peace over the situation, I see God already changing the
circumstances that had previously brought about such discomfort and frustration. And for those that
have not changed, I have a new perspective and attitude towards them.

Even the cancelled trip has been replaced by a much better one, at least from God’s perspective.

How long and how hard are we willing to wrestle with God?

Phil 4:4-6


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