Xcelerate Virtual Conference

May 24, 2021 | Gilbert's Journal

Xcelerate Virtual Conference

Xcelerate: is one of the biggest virtual conferences covering the basis of what faith-based organizations need to reach the masses using technology. This conference started out during the pandemic, as we saw a massive need for faith-based organizations to be online. Today, as vaccines roll out and restrictions are slowly lifting, we are faced with the question of what is next. Do we go back to pre-pandemic times and forget our progress with technology? We don’t believe so! Rather, we are in a perfect space to create a hybrid experience for faith-based organizations. We are able to serve members both in person and online. This conference will bring resources, connections, and lasting friendships to those who are interested in taking their reach to the next level. We anticipate to have 3,000 participants from all over the world and speakers who are leading in both the faith-based organizations and technology.


What You Should Expect:

  • A network of thousands of faith-based organizations
  • Resources and tools in preparation for hybrid events
  • Inspirational talks that share their successes and challenges
  • And so much more!


Faith, fellowship, and innovation take center stage in what we believe is the next phase for churches all over the world. Together, we’ll shine brighter in a time of darkness. Thursday, June 17, beginning at 7 am Pacific.


Learn more and register: https://hopin.com/events/xcelerate


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